Thursday, May 13, 2010

WANNA BOOK the crow

HEY.. Heres the Scoop! I know.. its a long one......

ALL TICKETED CONCERT NIGHTS RUN from 7 to 9pm Sept thru the end of April

TWO SETS with a break in between
Get here an hour before for Sound.

No advance notice needed.
Signup upon

Please be ready for your turn when your name comes up.. that means, Please know what piece you are going to perform and Have your instrument tuned before you take the stage.
There is no way for us to let you know how many songs you will get to do in a given night it depends upon how many musicians show up for the evening.

The Cost at the door is
$5 for everyone!


CONTACT me - Siusan - with a link to your music.
PLEASE, I do not need a four page history of every award you've won.  Its all about how your music sounds to us!

"Also a note, if you are booking as a solo or duo please consider directing us to where we can hear you as a Solo or a Duo or whatever is representative of what you will be doing in person. Very often I do not book in Performers because they claim to be acoustic solos but all of their recorded pieces are anything but that.

If you send by SNAIL MAIL.. well its a big pile here and its growing larger but I will eventually get to you!

WHO we book!

WE are an acoustic Listening room, non alcoholic and non smoking. That is not to say that we dont want you plugged in.. we do. We just limit the use of Electric Guitars, electric Basses, keyboards, drum kits, and techno additions to almost Never.

There is a wonderful sound system here so there is no need to pack one...If you are attached to your own mic, bring it. We have had some performers want to perform totally unplugged and we are happy to accomodate that as well.

We book in performers of all Genres, mostly roots based music. Blues, Bluegrass, Celtic, Cajun, Gospel, Old timey, Folk, all world music and instrumentalists. We also book in some Jazz and Classical. We bring in bands from all over the world and we also offer evenings for regional and Local bands as well!
You will be considered for a spot at the Crow only by the music you send for us to listen to.. we cannot listen to a 17 piece band recording or a Recording of you performing with a Rock band and Assume that you would be a good fit here Acoustically.

"Please be aware that we do not book in very many Contemporary Singer Songwriters for their own evenings UNLESS they are Roots based or Unless they have a tried and True DRAW

Booking a Date at the CROW so Whats in it for YOU?

Our Performers receive 70% of the Door after we take off 10% for the PRO's or otherwise known as the Music Mafia ."Ascap and BMI.
PLEASE be aware that we offer SENIOR YOUTH DISCOUNTS as well as a $2 off that members get and $2 off coupons via the CROW CALL which means, IF you take a head count it will NOT be an accurate door take.
Our volunteers who make the CROW POSSIBLE always attend for Free.

You receive all of your CD sales plus we will consign them year round for you once you perform here. We have a wonderfully appreciative audience and a fantastic room to perform in. We have a great House system so its easy in and out for you. The Crow is smoke and Alcohol free and very often we order in food from some of our favorite restaurants if you will pass out without nourishment. Overnight arrangements can sometimes be made if you dont mind staying with us.. We havent killed anyone yet so you are relatively safe. Actually our home is only 5 blocks from the Crow and we usually have extra room for an Occasional Wayfaring Stranger. Arrangements though have to be set up ahead of time as we are Road musicians ourselves and are sometimes not here when you are! Otherwise we may be able to set you up in the Home of one of our Volunteers!

PLEASE be courteous..if you make arrangements to stay with someone dont at the last minute change your mind. Our Volunteers spend time of course getting ready for your stay and if they get jilted often its hard to convince them to offer their hospitality again.
We can record live performances for a small fee you can get a copy. We get an exceptional quality recording so much so that some performers have used these for Live CDs.

WHAT to do when YOU are Booked!

Well... if you have a date with us then you know we are thrilled also! We want you to draw the largest crowd available that evening and this is how you can help ensure that.

Send us at least 4 CDs.. One to be used as a sample in the shop. Two to leave on the shelf for consignment and One extra as so often I run into Radio folks and PR opportunities.. Other musicians will vouch that I carry many performers CDs with us when we are on the road.. I sometimes sell them for you at our own gigs But many times I leave them in the hands of Radio folks across the Midwest and The East Coast. Im happy to help promote you as much as you will let me.
Understand that if we Love your stuff we will do this year round and not just in conjunction with your play date here at the Crow.
"IF you do not want me to Promo out any of your music to Media... PLEASE let me know!

CONTRACTS? Well to tell you the TRUTH I neither have the time or inclination to mess with CONTRACTs and lets face it.. they are only worth something if you plan on Sueing someone for breaking it!
On our end...We have NEVER not carried through on a date booked on our word and have only been stood up a Handful of times by folks that I can assure will not get another Date here.
If you get a date from me and I tell you Im putting you on the Calendar.. GUESS what.. You're Booked!
NOW with that in mind we expect you to be here. We send out our Promo a minimum of two months ahead of time.. If we are running posters it all costs money and nothing is more disrespectful then to not come through on a gig after we have put money out to Promo it!
The White Crow is one of the Finest listening Venues in the Midwest,
if you get a date here make the MOST OF IT..

YOU can mail a copy of your CD or MP3s
to area radio stations and podcast shows.
Attach info on who you are and when you will be performing at the CROW
and please mention which track you would like played. It takes alot of the work out of it for
the radio folks and they will more readily pop it in the lineup!  Trish Howard Sharper Delta college radio

You can send a CD as well to  with Jen Sygit out of Lansing
Jen Sygit
Attn: Eclecticana
122 S. Hayford
Lansing, MI

You can contact our local newspapers.. if you send them something and we send them something they tend to pay more attention! Janet Martineau Saginaw Sue White Saginaw Calendar listing in the Carol Zedaker Bay City Times

We want you
to help promote your own show here by:

Sending US your promo to be posted on the Crow Sites.. JPGS , MP3s and a SHORT blurb on your music.. NO childhood bios and keep your list of Prizes and who you've stood on stage with to a minimum. We Promise we will redirect folks to your website for all the gory details!
My email flyers have to be clean and to the point .. most folks are only interested in what your music sounds like.. so MP3s are your best selling tool here.

SNAIL mail dont forget we will need Posters and CDs!

OTHER things you can do to make your night GREAT

Announce your date here at your gigs that lead up to your Crow Date!

Posting it on your websites

Send out eflyers to your fan base, or postcards to your mailing list.

Send us flyers and posters and each time you come back to the Crow be certain to gather emails of those interested in knowing where you are!

Also a good way to help bring crowds in is....

AFTER YOUR gig and you are back out on the Road.. talk about your experience here and others will want to come and check it out as well. We as musicians should try and cultivate a desire in our audience to come out and see the next guy coming in! When we do that we help to create a community that CRAVES great live music and your next night will be fuller here as well. This also will help venues such as The CROW stay in business long enough for you to come back for another gig!

If you have had a night with us previously and your crowd was light PLEASE consider the list above and make an effort to cover these points if you want a returning Date!

Remember, we do not gaurantee an audience for anyone.. We provide you with a beautiful listening space and great volunteers to help make your show run smoothly.
WE do the same promo for everyone and very often if a performer does not get a big turnout it is simply because they are not known in this area or just simply something else was going on in town at the same time.
PLEASE do not expect us to supply you with a ready fan club.
That is something that is built and developed over return visits.


WE do not allow others to set our sound unless you have been personally invited to do such. You and your band will be in the capable hands of Zig Zeitler who has been doing sound for the last thirty years. If he is not available we will have someone here that we Trust. If you are not comfortable with that then stop here. The reason being is that our reputation as a venue also rides on the experience of our audience and too many times this last season we have had folks want to do their own sound or even worse have brought their own "sound engineers" who frankly did a less then poor job in setting up.

We know our equipment certainly better then someone coming in for the first time and our goal is to make the Performer feel as though they have never sounded better!
Performers pay and CD sales!

PAY and Perks

Another goal we have is to make the Performer feel Appreciated and Respected and we instill that attitude in our audience on a regular basis here!
Our crowd is appreciative and will purchase CDS if they enjoy the evenings music so be sure to come stocked. Your CD sales are all yours and we usually have someone here who is Happy to help take care sales for you if you wish.
Also once you perform here we will be happy to Consign your CDs year round in the Shop at a 60/40 split.

We have very rarely given guarantees. Your cut is 70% of the net door. Our ticketed evenings range from $8 to $15 dollars. We have occasionally asked up to $22.
YOU receive ONE "significant other" Pass per musician.
We are sorry but If you bring along your wife or boyfriend then you cant get your cousin Vinny in Free too!
Kids 12 and under are free..
13 to 18 half off
senior discount is half off.

You can help yourself to whatever you would like to drink throughout the evening and many nights we have baked treats as well.

WHEN to get here

We expect performers to be here no later the 6pm for a sound check and be off the stage by 6:45. Our first set traditionally starts 10 minutes late at 7:10pm. There is one break so that you can meet the folks relax and sell CDs and such. Back up for one more set that runs till 9 but many nights our audience has to be shot at to get them to leave so dont be surprised if they keep sitting there hoping for more! We stay later quite often.


We want to do everything we can to make your evening here one of the best performing experiences you can have. If you have any questions or concerns or special needs ie.. Early arrival, Place needed for overnight stay and so on...

Please contact me and we will try our best to address whatever we need to...

THANKYOU for reading this entire POST!